About Us


Family Owned and Operated

At Beall's Roofing, we always remember the importance of family...As a family owned business we make sure to remember family first, when conducting business.  Let our family serve yours.  Meet the Fam!


Brandon and Lacy Beall

Founders, Brandon and Lacy Beall opened Beall's Roofing in 2010.  As a Colorado native, Brandon has always had a passion for construction and business.  So when the idea of starting a roofing company came up, it was a no-brainer to start their business. 

Lacy, originally from a small town in Kansas moved to Colorado in 2008.  Now in Colorado for more than 11 years, Lacy is happy to call Colorado home.  While you will find Brandon on site at every build, you will find Lacy behind the scenes making sure the business is running smoothly.


The Kiddos

Levi (9):  Levi is a great kid who always talks about taking over Daddy's business!  With a huge passion for baseball, if he doesn't end up in the major leagues, he will be excited to take over the business when that time comes...

Faith (5);  Faith is a wonderful girl who loves her family.  She is such a GREAT big sister, and loves taking care of her brother and sister.  She enjoys dancing, singing and just being silly...

Brielle (4): Brielle is the baby of the family.  With her charisma and heart melting smile, she will steal your heart.  She likes playing barbies and watching princess movies...